Meet the 2015 Global Demo Day Finalists: The 22 Startups Proving Hackers Are The Ultimate Entrepreneurs

San Francisco, roll out the red carpet; our champions are coming.


The hugely anticipated 22 startup finalists who started out as part of our 35-team, 2015 HACKcelerator batch have finally been selected. And they’re gearing up to show you how they’ve been disrupting their industries at our 4th Annual Global Demo Day.

After over two months of hustling, executing, and acquiring, there is no doubt in our minds that these super hackers are, in fact, the ultimate entrepreneurs too. The passionate teams, who started out at their local AngelHack hackathons with nothing but a hack concept, have shone through every challenge we’ve thrown their way since the HACKcelerator’s kick off in August.

And the result has been mind blowing. With several weeks left till Global Demo Day, our teams are already closing strategic partnerships with the big guys in the industry, closing investments, and growing their daily active users. Our Mexico City team, BoxTrip, was even named by Venture Institute as one Mexico’s top 10 startups in 2015! The team has since been invited to pitch at the MX.FR Innovation Day in Paris. Our teams have been featured everywhere from Digital News Asia, to 7Days UAE, to Excelsior TV.

But enough talk – we’ll let you see what the hype’s all about yourself! Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you our 22 finalists:

  • AirQuail from Silicon Valley: “Smart environment. Better living.”
  • AppKeep from Moscow: “App In the Air for home appliances”
  • Atumsoft from Cincinnati: “Laboratories simplified”
  • BizCollab from Montreal (SmallBiz Hackathon): “Collaborative platform for startups and small businesses”
  • Blink from Austin: “Find a real catch, not a catfish.”
  • BoxTrip from Mexico City: “Your best way to move whatever you want”
  • Chestream from Delhi: “The pulse of the internet”
  • Codeorb from Vizag: “Move fast & break things on mobile”
  • CultureGuru from Kuala Lampur: “A curated content and mobile marketplace for events and festive supplies”
  • InfiniteLoops from Bogota: “Run scripts periodically without worrying about the infrastructure”
  • InGroup from Barcelona: “Connect people based on polarizing questions”
  • Lensod from Bangkok: “Live music booking platform”
  • Mutual Farm from Kochi: “Crowdfunding agriculture”
  • Robovetting from New York City: “Automated Employee Vetting”
  • PlainExchange from Hong Kong: “Peer to peer currency exchange”
  • QuantiScience from Montreal: “Leverage wearables to enhance your workplace”
  • RELIoT from San Pedro Sula: “IoT Vibration Analysis System”
  • SocialCapital from San Francisco (SmallBiz Hackathon): “Social background check for employers”
  • SlimSpace from DC (SmallBiz Hackathon): “Workspace reservations made easy”
  • Wrappup from Dubai: “Meeting based productivity app with intelligent voice recording”
  • Zeene from Krakow: “Location sensitive Instagram over Bluetooth”

Wanna get to know the teams better before seeing them demo? Catch their live interviews here and even download their apps using links above!

You probably also wanna save your spot for #GDemoDay15, here. Oh and don’t forget the after party. Did someone say “open bar”?


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