Meet The HACKcelerator’s 37 New Startups

Early-stage startups from around the globe seeking seed funding

Every year, our Global Hackathon Series grows bigger and better with amazing sponsors and opportunities to innovate to entrepreneurs just waiting for their tech potential to be unearthed. The winning teams from the 55 hackathons we held this Summer all received an invite into our pre-accelerator program, and 37 of them are now in the early-stages of becoming a real startup.

Over the next twelve weeks they will learn how to take their hackathon prototype to startup reality through our rigorous curriculum, and the wisdom and guidance of expert speakers and mentors.

The end goal? Aside from the obvious, to be the next great startup, is Global Demo Day in San Francisco in November; the culmination of a year’s work, and the showcase for the companies going through the program. Stay tuned for more GDD info!

North America Startups


(Austin) — 1Connect is a corporate wellness program that aims to help employees improve their health and productivity levels.

Delfinite ️

(Cincinnati) — Delfinite is a consumer insights company that leverages voice interface devices to connect companies with their customers.


(Honolulu) — ShirtConnect is a shirt advertising platform that manufactures branded T-shirts for companies and distributes them via a monthly subscription. People wear and promote the brand.

SolarIoT ☀️

(Los Angeles) — An application for efficient cooperation in the investment, construction, and peer to peer transactions of energy smart-grid systems. By using smart contracts and distributed computation on the ethereum blockchain SolarIoT allows anyone interested in solar energy to participate regardless of finances or location.


(Manhattan) — Linx is a platform that allows you to learn a new language just by watching foreign films/dramas on Netflix or Hulu, anime on Crunchyroll, or videos on YouTube.

ImposterBlocker ️

(Seattle) — ImposterBlocker is your first responder when attackers target your brand identity.


(Silicon Valley) — Waypoint is an augmented-reality, geo-location based ecosystem that allows businesses and users to post AR “geo-pins” in order to inform users of a specific location (i.e. pool), event (i.e. pool party), or code of any-sort (i.e. pool door code).

Shelterspace ️

(San Francisco) — Shelterspace is building an app to ensure that if there is a shelter bed available, nobody will have to sleep on the streets unnecessarily. They provide a real-time, aggregated view of all shelter space availability in a given community.

Latin America Startups


(Bogota) — Flash.Beer is a device that allows you to get your beer in seconds with one tap of a button on any smartphone device


(Lima) — A mobile application teaching kids how to code through computational thinking, in a fun interactive game.

Driver Angel

(Mexico City) — Driver Angel is an EEG system that monitors a drivers cognitive status in real time, showing drowsiness levels, in an effort to reduce accidents.

Coffii ☕

(San Pedro Sula) — It’s all about coffee! Take a photo of any coffee bag and learn the rating, review, and average price instantly.


(Santiago) — App that unifies the world of banking with the motivations of millennials, such as those that need a mortgage.

RexScanner ✈️

(São Paulo) — RexScanner can fetch the best airline ticket prices continuously, putting the convenience back into making travel plans.


(Quito) — Stage Crew is a tool used to create teams that can visualize and mange technical information for live shows.

Asia-Pacific Startups


(Brisbane) — Tobypro will create a new fractional property market that facilitates affordable homeownership for millennials.


(Hong Kong) — The go-to-app for senior citizens, making their interaction with technology easier.


(Osaka) — Brainstorming platform app.


(Jakarta) — A fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform for Indonesia


(Shenzhen) — TeamUp is an app helping people learn about each other and find partners in a community.

Fabricycle ♻️

(Taipei) — A brand-new way to get rid of your unwanted clothes.


(Bangkok) — Personalized monthly subscription beauty bag.


(Manila) —PocketMarket provides product and service platform that delivers strategic goals and objectives to companies and individuals.

South Asia Startups


(Hyderabad) — Ping is a smart platform for language independent communication between users, businesses and their customers. It provides realtime translation of all messages, with AI based on language used in text messaging.

Cardview ️

(Jaipur) — Cardview aims to reduce the gap and build a bridge between printing media and digital technology through augmented reality.


(Kochi) —Phantom K8 carries out a complete assessment of all the performance metrics prevailing in any working environment accurately through data.


(Sri Lanka) — An application which captures and stores your daily purchase receipts digitally and store them on a cloud for later use.

Europe Startups


(Barcelona) — A solution that will be used by millennials around the world in order to save money easily. Users can take advantage of these savings through investing, without needing any prior knowledge.


(London) — Recowork is an online platform that revolutionizes the recruitment process by making it much more fun and personal. It allows everyone to become a recruiter through a recommendation system.


(Moscow) — Tuna is a continuous integration service that detects UI issues in mobile applications.


(Saint Petersburg) — We allow any VR/AR/IoT developer to enable their users a new way of authentication — the authentication with their mind. The technology is based on the unique EEG signal.


Middle East and Africa Startups


(Abu Dhabi) — Lucid is an artificial intelligence web browser driven by natural language that increases user productivity by intelligently suggesting, understanding and organizing data in a seamless manner.

FixIT ️

(Gaza) — FixIT is a marketplace that connects people who are looking to fix something in their house, office or even car with professionals who can!


(Kabul) —Amozgar is Reqabat’ platform for listing competitions from academic institutions from all around the world. Participants are able to compete for scholarships, jobs, or different awards offered from these institutions.

Ejumy ‍

(Kabul) — Ejumy is an online education platform that connects learners with expert teachers in order to gain knowledge at low cost, or for free, by providing credit tokens and monetary incentives.


(Cairo) — A trash pick up and recycling service that allows individuals to get paid for their trash.


(Nairobi) — TaskUs is a concierge app that will enable affordable on-demand errand services in Nairobi.

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