Music Is the Backdrop of a Hackathon, Rock Out To These Playlists

The best music (and Spotify playlists) to get you through a hackathon

When it comes to listening to music at a hackathon, it can actually make a pretty big impact on how you perform. Hackathons are fast-paced and a filled with learning about new things; so why would you be playing some classical music that could put you to sleep?

By putting together the right playlist or turning on the right station can be exactly what you need to get in the hackathon mindset.

Below are a list of stations and playlists that will put you into the right mindset to get your project done while still having a good time.




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Spotify is filled with playlists and stations that people have put together for specific events. AngelHack in specific has a playlist called AngelHack11, which is perfect for any hacking event. It is filled with some of today’s hits and even ranges from artists like Cardi B and Kanye West to people like Michael Jackson and Prince. However, the playlist as a whole works perfectly with any hacking event.



Another popular hackathon playlist is the Hackathon Playlist, which is filled with songs and music to get you in the perfect mood for any hacking event.

A popular Spotify station that would put people in the mood would be today’s top hits. This station is very popular and has all the famous songs and artists from the current times all on one station.



If you are looking for popular music in different countries depending on where your hackathon is taking place, Spotify has a top charts page that lists the top fifty songs in each country at that time. For example, they also have a Global Top 50 playlist, which contains a variety of the most played tracks around the world right now.





Pandora is also a very popular music listening app. On here you can browse through hundreds of different stations. Pandora offers the options to choose a decade of music you want to listen to and from there you can choose a specific type of station. A popular station is 2000’s Pop Radio.

Another option is to look through the moods and activities stations and from there, you can choose from a variety of stations ranging from studying to rainy day to party. A popular station to be played at a hackathon could be in the focus or studying station when it is really time to grind.


Apple Music



If Spotify or Pandora just aren’t your thing, then Apple Music is always another choice. Apple Music is filled with different radio stations of all genres. Under the pop genre, there are multiple different types of stations to choose from. A popular station for a hackathon would be the pure pop or the charting now station.

However, Apple Music also offers pop through different countries so you can choose that based on where you are doing your hackathon. A few include Latin Pop, Brazilian Pop, Irish Hits, French Pop, and Canadian Hits; so no matter where you are, you can always be playing the right type of music for your audience.


If you decide to use one of the listed music listening apps or stations, then you are already on your way to get yourself through a successful hackathon.