Recap: Money 20/20, That’s What I Want!

You know what they say – money is honey. And at the Money 20/20 Hackathon in Las Vegas, there was so much of it going around, it drew developers from all over the world to the Aria Hotel over Halloween weekend, where they got to help build the future of that cash money. Check it out!

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So, for those of you who missed it (tsk, tsk!), Money 20/20 is an annual conference in Las Vegas that’s all about the money. This year, for the first time ever, they threw a hackathon as part of the conference. So they asked AngelHack, the world’s hackathon experts, to show them how it’s done. And did we!

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First, we kicked off the weekend with an epic Halloween Party at the HAZE Nightclub. We had devs dressed up as all sorts of creepy creatures and things that go bump in the night… and we’re not just talking about Waldo, there! We stayed up and partied all night…

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…And then woke up to code all weekend. We packed the Aria’s Juniper Ballroom, as our star devs competed for over $125,000 in cash prizes, as well as other goodies like Bitcoins, gadgets, and incubation opportunities. Some big name sponsors made these prizes possible: NYMI, Blockchain, Chain, Feedzai, Intuit Developer, MasterCard, Mercury, ModoPayments and PayPal.

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We’d like to thank our great judging panel for coming out! There were over 100 projects, so picking just a few winners was a tall order, but these exceptional judges did it with gusto:

  • Balaji Gopalan, Director of Nymi Platform, Bionym

  • Peter Smith, President, Blockchain

  • Ryan Smith, CTO,

  • Antonio Alegria, Product Lead, Feedzai

  • Eric Dunn, SVP and GM, Payments and Commerce Solutions, Intuit

  • Dan Martin, Vice President, OpenAPI Community and Platform, MasterCard

  • Matthew Ozvat, Vice President, Developer Integrations, Mercury

  • Bruce Parker, CEO, ModoPayments

  • Patricia Kemp, Partner, Oak HC/FT

  • Mike Blandina, VP, Engineering, PayPal

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And of course, the part you’ve been waiting for – our winners! Check them out, people:

  • $20,000 Prizes from Money 20/20:

    • BitPredict: Removing volatility and creating confidence for BitCoin purchases

    • HourFlow: Giving contractors and freelancers a dead simple way to track their time and expenses, and then get paid

    • Pay-Paperless: For people to pay at local merchants with Bitcoin. Using the app is as easy as entering how much you have to pay, showing the merchant your phone, and enjoying your coffee. It’s as easy as that. Simple. Beautiful

    • Bacon: Adding a delicious human (and social) touch to machine-learnt fraud detection

    • ShoppingPal: A mobile application built on using ‘loyalty as currency’ – consumers get loyalty points for engaging with the merchant, then receive contextually relevant offers, and at the POS they have flexible options to pay

  • $5,000 Prizes from Money 20/20:

    • LoyaltyPass: So consumers will know which of their credit cards will offer the most benefits with a purchase

    • BitcoinBookie: Decentralized Bitcoin sports betting!

    • Authbank: With a Nymi wristband or an emulator running on a smartphone, you people use their device to authenticate themselves, and authorize high risk transactions

    • Swft: Real-time updated shopping basket, with RFID express checkout

  • PayPal Prize (Samsung Galaxy Tab S’s):

    • Swft (See above)

  • Feedzai Prize (Booth at Money 20/20 OR 5 Copenhagen Wheels):

    • Bacon (See above)

  • MasterCard Prize (Vegas bonanza and mentorship opportunity):

    • Entercharge: For people to charge their smartphones with a tap while dining out

  • Nymi Prize (Free Nymi wristband pre-orders):

    • Authbank (See above)

    • I Heart Pay: Lets small merchants connect with their customers seamlessly using the Nymi band for identification, payment and reviews

  • Blockchain Prize (15 bitcoins):

    • Samaritus: Allows users to collect micro-rewards from recycling bottles or cans Web-based application with an arduino/nfc shield combo

  • Intuit Developer Prize (In-Residence for a week at HQ):

    • Inreach: Directs customers to nearby businesses that provide the products they seek, while also tracking payment and accounting information through payments reconciliation

  • Chain Prize (15 bitcoins):

    • FilePub: An integrated platform to sell files for bitcoins

  • Mercury Payments Prize (trip to HQ in Colorado):

    • MoneyPenny: Reward customers who say good things about a merchant on social networks, fraud prevention for those who signed up for their services

  • Modo Prize (1 million loyalty points from FIS):

    • NikeModo: Incredible payments app for Nike on ModoPayments

Congratulations to all our winning teams! You rocked it!

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If this hackathon is any indication, money’s got an exciting future ahead! We were so amped to see it unfold in front of us – be sure to keep an eye out for it in a bank, store or app near you (in the meantime, check out all the pics from the event here).

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