Say Hello to HACKcelerator 2019

As our 12th Global Hackathon Series comes to an end, we say hello to the winning teams entering into our HACKcelerator program!

These teams will go through a rigorous twelve-week program to turn their hackathon ideas into viable startups. By connecting them with mentors and established entrepreneurs, they’ll be ready to pitch their ideas to investors and the tech community during our first virtual Global Demo Day.  


Below are the startups we’re excited to see develop their ideas into something amazing during these next few months: 


North America

BiN ♻️

Manhattan – BiN uses AI to improve the efficiency of waste collection while reducing costs to make recycling more profitable. 



Pagarba addresses the lack of communication and resources during disasters and will help communities and first responders save lives before, during, and after disastrous situations and emergencies.



Calgary – Instafly aims to move the vacation booking experience from the current search box format to the world of images and video. 



Seattle – Vidify automatically creates videos from text passages, infographic data, or templates.


San Francisco – weyond is an app that connects people within enterprises while using a peer-supported method to help each user accomplish a personally-set goal, based on the reinforcement of collaborative learning.

Latin America


Lima – Canasta is a grocery store subscription service designed so that no family or person worries about obtaining the minimum to survive in South America. 



HCMC – LadyBug’s DoToSave app is a mobile app that connects donors and organizations.


Ducere AI

Shanghai – Ducere AI will address issues in presentation and interviews such as language, facial expressions, and body language. Suggestions for improvement are given and performance is improved through continuous training. 


Navigator uses a deep natural language understanding system with social media and news channels data. Details will be shared with local rescue teams to help those in natural disasters be assisted in minimal time.

Prospector ⛑️

Beijing – Prospector is a needs assessment and distribution management solution for relief supplies, with the goal of a more responsive, accurate and efficient disaster relief system. 

South Asia

Dreamcatcher ‍ ‍

Chennai – Dreamcatcher is an AI-based mentoring platform for students, setting them up as a talent pool in the industry. 


Bangalore – PodNet is an inexpensive and ubiquitous communication network infrastructure for all IoT devices, specifically in the home automation industry. 

Stay Lite ✈️

Maldives – Stay Lite is platform to help you pay for your vacation accommodation in convenient monthly installments, making traveling more affordable and accessible. 


DocDoc ‍⚕️ ‍⚕️

Cyprus – DocDoc seeks to increase global human longevity with a three-pillar approach: diagnosis, prognosis, and prevention using machine learning. 


Russia – Eduway is an interactive and intuitive learning management system in-cloud that will allow educational content creation, homework checking, and course administration, as well as teaching within an online classroom.


Madrid – REAM, or Real Estate Automated Moderation, aims to improve the quality of real estate website listings via computer vision, NLP, and real estate APIs.   

Middle East and Africa

Visual Diagnoser

Nairobi – Visual Diagnoser is democratizing healthcare through inexpensive medical diagnosis. This app will simplify and quicken the process of diagnosis. 

With You ⌨️

Gaza – With You is a platform to help children with learning difficulties improve their skills, whilst also allowing for continuous measurement and monitoring of results.