THANK YOU, San Francisco!

We were at maximum capacity at Hattery, an awesome SoMa shared working space which hosted us for a weekend of fun, games and innovation. Check out what went down!

But first, lemme take a selfie!

SHOUT OUT to our intrepid San Francisco Ambassadors, Kevin and Kris! They busted their asses for weeks before the event, getting the word out and just generally being awesome. During the hackathon, they made sure no pesky time paradoxes or glitches in the Matrix went down. Thank you, K & K – you two made it happen!

There was more to this than just coding. You know what they say about all work and no play! Or is it “work hard, play hard”? Yeah, that’s it! We had nerf guns, movies, hula hoops and even an Oculus Rift (courtesy of our awesome sponsors, Dolby)! Oh, and plenty of opportunities for some R&R.

Army of Darkness. (Source: @bitpixi)

Yes, we take care of our devs! Folks could get away from it all to learn about mindfulness, participate in a yoga session, get a massage, some acupuncture, or just kick back and watch a movie or two!

Meet the Planateers, our AngelHack San Francisco Winners, and their winning app: Peppermint!

So who took home the big W you ask? Meet the Planateers, our AngelHack San Francisco Winners, and their winning app: Peppermint!

You may be wondering what Peppermint does. In a nutshell, it’s like Stack Overflow, but for pitches! You upload recordings of your pitches, speeches, interviews – any form of public speaking, really. You then get real-time feedback on it, and use it to improve your speaking skills! The judges immediately recognized the value of this project, and declared Peppermint the winning app!

So congrats to the Planateers –  Kasey, Karl, Mark, Paul, and Mat – for your achievement! Starting this summer, they will be inducted into our HACKcelerator program, and for 12 weeks, we’ll drill them through everything they need to turn their idea into an actual startup! Best of all, they’ll be able to pitch their idea to investors once the program ends.

(As a side note, Kasey also won a $400 pair of gaming headphones for answering our Godzilla question on Twitter. Talk about a go-getter!)

But wait – there were more winners! Our runner up was PickyPair, which uses search recommendation algorithms to pick “a perfect dress set!” And our sponsors also gave away some awesome prizes. Like to MobAudio, which allows anyone to sync and share audio with their cell/device to anyone in the same geo range – and it’s wifi/celular agnostic! They won a Dolby Prize Package, which included a Kindle Fire HDX for all the team members, and an Oculus Rift Dev Kit!

AUTOcaT also won bitcoins, courtesy of BitPay, for building an app that ‘ll help you text your mother more often. And Hack-Hack Revolution won $1,500 from CapitalOne Labs for their app, which a developer talent scouting platform. Once again, congratulations everyone!

But most importantly, even if they didn’t win a prize, each and every attendee was a winner. This was a truly dedicated bunch – on such a beautiful, clear weekend (how often do you see THOSE in San Francisco?!), they came together to BUILD something. They got to work with teams, make connections, and see what they’re capable of. Truly, we’re proud of each and every hacker who came out this weekend. MUCHO RESPECT.

And of course, let’s not forget our awesome AngelHack team! After weeks of hustling, and one long, sleepless weekend, it’s safe to say we’re happy, satisfied, and (very) relieved!

ANND that’s a wrap!! If you were in San Francisco this weekend, but weren’t at AngelHack, it’s obvious by now but I’ll just say it…YOU…MISSED… OUT!!

Now, onward to the next event! We’re only just getting started with our spring hackathon series, so be sure to sign up in your city today….