Thank You Yamsafer, For Giving Our First Ramallah Hackathon A Home!

We are super stoked to be announcing our venue for our first hackathon in Ramallah! Drum roll please! Yamsafer has graciously donated their space for us all to use on May 13th – 14th! Let’s join Kanye in give them a round of applause for being awesome!


If you travel at all and you have not heard of this company then let us fill you in on how dope they are. (“The Traveller” in Arabic) is a rapidly-growing hotel booking platform that enables Arabic-speakers to easily find and book hotels using their website and mobile applications. Super dope right?

Yamsafer also has multiple products that were completely built in house using a wide range list of the latest technologies.

The research and development team at Yamsafer is always seeking a way to better integrate and build  high performance APIs and user friendly interfaces. That is where all of you awesome hackers come in.

Their challenge, if you choose to accept it (which you totally should), will be to develop a hotel analytics dashboard that shows data about customers such as country, number of nights they stay, and amount of money they spend. We know you can all tackle this one!

But wait we haven’t even told you the best part of all this. THE PRIZE!


3 free nights at Jacir Palace Hotel In Bethlehem from 26/5/2016- 28/5/2016

So there it is. excited yet? we thought so! Cannot wait to see you all there, but until then keep staying awesome!


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