Why Tech Brands Should Leverage Global Hackathons

For any technology brand that is globally focused, innovation is a major driver in ensuring that growth strategy and revenue projections are on the right path.

However, many technology companies struggle to drive new innovations, and even existing ones, to users and partners who may change the metrics they aspire to gain or even get them to the next 1 million users, developers or influencers.

For instance, there are several ways to drive different user segments to use a new toolkit, learn a new programming language, plug into a new technology or a pretty easy Application Program Interface (API) for Artificial Intelligence solution or machine learning.

One of the most effective ways of driving visibility and growth for global technology brands is running a hackathon.

We know what a hackathon is, but let me just elucidate in plain terms: A hackathon is an event that brings people together to collaborate and build solutions that solve problems that we face daily.

With the challenge of COVID-19 pandemic ravaging our world today, a hackathon could be the way out in solving this problem and the world would be better for it.

So, why should companies be interested getting their brands, product or services involved with a hackathon? 

Gateway to millions of users and customers

Have you ever imagined where your next 1 million users, customers or partners would come from? Some companies already think that they have reached the climax of their growth and all they wish for is that they don’t experience a significant churn rate as long as they are in business. This happens, especially when growth has slowed down.

Hackathons give you access to millions of users in the markets and continents you can only aspire to be on; to strategy and product roadmap documents by making your tools, technology and innovation available to be utilized and extended by developers and users in new and existing markets all over the world.

Marketing on steroids

Do you know that big technology companies have been using hackathons to market new products, technology and innovations? They understand that new technologies and programming languages take time for programmers to learn. This is why they adopt hackathons to push these tools into the hands of targeted audiences to build usage and technology adoption. And you know what? It works because of the collaborative nature of hackathons knowing that unlimited numbers of people participate in hackathons in groups.

So next time you are drafting your marketing budget, do not forget to add hackathons!

Positive brand perception

We are yet to measure the impact of Covid-19 on all of us or what our lives would be in the aftermath. One thing is clear, technology giants have dived into getting developers globally to come up with solutions to help solve this global pandemic.

The good thing is that these companies would be loved for this action because they have shown they care at such a time as this. This is what people want.

There are many problems begging for solutions in our world today and the list is endless.

Focusing your brand and partnering with the right organization to theme your hackathons around issues that affect the lives of people on a global scale automatically changes the trajectory of your brand and its perception with old new users.

Insight for growth

One of the many things hackathons help every technology company to achieve is access users from different regions of the world. Hackathons open your technology and innovation to several possibilities as well as its limitations based on the availability of certain requirements in regions of the world.

Feedback gathered in this instance could help develop a better product that would scale and delight your users. This, in turn, brings growth and global user adoption.


There is no better time to scale your user base to the next 1 million through global hackathons than now. However, running these global hackathons can be a daunting task.

AngelHack has been organizing globally focused hackathons for many years with great results by partnering with technology companies across the globe.

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