Winners announced for the MediaTek IoT Challenge

Beginning in October 2016, MediaTek challenged hardware developers from India, Europe and the United States to compete in the MediaTek IoT Challenge, where they could leverage MediaTek LinkIt™ Development Platform for RTOS and MediaTek LinkIt™ Smart 7688 Platform to build exciting Internet of Things (IoT) devices for the smart home or office.


More than 200 teams worldwide applied to compete in the hackathon, with a select group receiving free LinkIt 7687 and LinkIt Smart 7688/7688 Duo hardware development kits from MediaTek to take their ideas to reality! After months of building, virtual webinars and technical sessions with the MediaTek and AngelHack teams, 39 teams crossed the finish line and completed their projects.


Here are highlights from the winners, selected by an illustrious panel of judges including Ashish Bedekar, Abbas Sumar, Edward Wang, Bear Wang who are key leads at IoT business unit of MediaTek | Ravi Gururaj, Founder/CEO of Qikpod, Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners | Michelle Hua, Founder & CEO, MadeWithGlove | Andrew Till, VP for Tech Partnerships & New Solutions, HARMAN | Darach Ennis, Founder & CEO, and Tony Fish, an Investor, Author and Maverick


Team Smart Gen Home, winners of the $5,000 cash prize in the 7688/7688 Duo category, created a device that gives busy people the ability to control household devices from their workplace effectively. The solution used the LinkIt™ Smart 7688 Duo HDK based on the MT7688 Wi-Fi chipset, to allow for temperature and water monitoring, remote control of your coffee maker, doorbell, fire or gas sensors, light bulbs, fans, water pumps and more! They truly created a super-smart end-to-end home IoT solution. Check out their demo video below.




Team Enchanted Kitchen / Refrigerator from India won the MediaTek LinkIt Development Platform for RTOS category and took home the $5,000 cash prize. To help tackle the potential for data overload as more and more IoT devices hit the market, they created an “Enchanted Light” based on the LinkIt 7687 HDK by SAC that interacts with a user about their health intuitively without using any language, numbers and statistics. Their device uses health information and has indicators with LED lights for smart health monitoring and alert systembased on data received over the internet via MQTT rom a custom or commercially available cloud-based health or activity tracker, taking full advantage of the MediaTek MT7687 Wi-Fi chipset. Another super cool feature – this device can hang on your fridge and influence food selections based on your health condition! Check out their demo video below.



These are just some of the amazing projects created for this virtual hardware hackathon! It’s exciting to see the potential for smart home and office devices built from MediaTek technology – the sky’s truly the limit and we can’t wait to see how these projects progress!