Ava Labs Launches Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022 Hackathon

Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022 is an AngelHack hackathon focused on building on Avalanche. Collaborating with partners across the Avalanche ecosystems, this hackathon aims to ensure that hackers have a wide variety of technologies to use to build their projects.

About Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022

The way people interact with the world has been revolutionized with the onset of blockchain technology. Real-world problems can now be resolved from a thousand miles away, increasing efficiency and creating transparent tools for the masses.

Exploring GameFi and DeFi

While disruptive technologies like GameFi — a portmanteau of “game” and “finance” — and DeFi (decentralized finance) continue to gain momentum in the Web3 scene, we are thrilled to know that there is a groundbreaking project waiting to be built.

Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022 aims to be a space for you to solve problems in DeFi and GameFi using a blazingly fast, low-cost, and eco-friendly platform in the blockchain industry. This is your shot at building industry-transforming innovations powered by Avalanche.

What are you going to create?

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Challenge Statements


By the end of 2021, crypto adoption was estimated to have tripled to around 300 million users globally (Crypto.com). In spite of this, the total number of Defi users stands at only about 4.8 million (Dune Analytics) based on unique wallet addresses across the board. This is a clear indication that there is substantial innovation to be done with regard to utility and accessibility for DeFi to keep pace with the rapid growth of Web3.0. The challenge here is to utilise Avalanche’s lightning-fast transaction speed, low cost and subnet scalability to create DeFi Dapps, tooling and infrastructure to attract and onboard the next 100 million DeFi users.

Some ideas to get you started:

1. DeFi Primitives

  • Leveraging liquidity pools from DEXs
  • Automated treasury & portfolio management solutions
  • Structured yield products using staking and derivatives (perps & options)
  • Streamline UX for components of a DeFi dApp

2. Infrastructure & Tooling

  • Retail-friendly trading and DeFi tools
  • Payment solutions built with goal of mass adoption
  • Creating “if this, then that” integrations
  • Analytics dashboards (custom or on existing platforms like Dune or Flipside)

3. Accessibility & Education

  • Leverage NFTs to create new markets for DeFi
  • Propose seamless and intuitive on-ramp solutions
  • Increase accessibility to the DeFi ecosystem through innovative and visible education initiatives that helps to onboard crypto and non-crypto natives alike
  • Create new, more efficient formats of onboarding for DeFi dApps


Play-to-Earn has disrupted traditional gaming monetization models and has provided the opportunity for gamers to monetize their skill and time from games. Yet, the bulk of an estimated 3 billion gamers worldwide (DFC** **Intelligence) have yet to make a jump to Web3 gaming, with an average volume of only around 1 million active gamers over the past year (DappRadar). The challenge here is to leverage the power of Avalanche to explore new mechanics for Web3 gaming to create a fun and interactive experience for gamers. Your submission does not have to be a game but can be focused on any elements of a gaming ecosystem – game economies, tooling & infrastructure solutions, innovative & useful NFT solutions, education mechanisms, and more.

Some ideas to get you started:

1. Game Tooling & Infrastructure

Building games web2 games is already hard enough and to make integrations with blockchain is still in its infancy for games. The goal of this category is to drive innovative ideas to streamline blockchain integration with games on Avalanche with tooling and unique infrastructure implementations for subnets.

  • Explore ways to streamline game deployments on Avalanche
    • Blockchain game templates (for AvalancheJS and Hardhat)
    • Unity, Unreal and other engine integrations
    • Tooling built around nft management for game developers to improve UX
  • Create solutions geared towards Avalanche Subnets
    • Subnet fee claim/distribution function – build a treasury contract for a subnet that splits fee revenue
    • Redeployable Gnosis Safe treasury boilerplate for developers to streamline subnet integrations
    • Precompile use-cases for game developers to leverage on subnets

2. Game Design

Game design from tokenomics to onboarding web2 users for web3 games is a hot topics as there needs to be a focus on the sustainability of a game and user experience. Build unique economic reward models, tooling to streamline user onboarding, and education mechanisms to onboard web2 users to web3.

  • Explore innovative models to onboard the next wave of Web3 natives with gamified education mechanics
  • Design dynamic tokenomics for games, such as building a dynamic token emissions schedule for game/subnets based on player activity
  • Explore unique user experience designs to onboard web2 users to web3
    • Dynamic game currency listings denominated in USDC
    • Unique login experience
    • Frictionless Avalanche Subnet onboarding, such as a secure whitelisting process to enable new users on a subnet to receive the native game gas token to start interacting with the game

3. NFT Tooling & Infrastructure

NFTs are an essential part of web3 games. The goal of this category is to drive builders to create tools for game developers to enhance the ownership and monetization experience of in-game assets for gamers. Examples of NFT tooling & infrastructure solutions can be found below:

  • NFT Sniping tool
  • Analytics tool like Icy Tools but for Avalanche
  • Rarity Tool
  • Generative Art Tool
  • Candy Machine but for Avalanche


🏆 A prize pool of $50K USD (in stablecoins – USDC/USDT) is up for grabs for extraordinary submissions. If you have a great project idea, this is your chance to showcase them!

The winners of each track will win:

1st Prize: $12K USD

2nd Prize: $8.5K USD

3rd Prize: $4.5K USD



QuickNode Bounty – USD $1,000 (in stablecoins – USDC/USDT)

The best project built on Avalanche, which showcases innovation, fresh ideas, and user demand will be eligible for this bounty

On top of the submission artefacts, teams will also need to submit their QuickNode Avalanche RPC & the name of their QuickNode RPC as part of their project submission.


Submissions will be judged under the following criteria:

  1. Mass Usability
  2. Technical Complexity
  3. Ecosystem Impact
  4. Originality, Creativity & Innovation

How to Participate

Follow the steps outlined below and you will be off to a great start!

  1. Register for the hackathon.
  2. Form and register your teams over (Refer to instructions on the Participants’ Guide).
  3. Join the Discord server.
  4. Join us in person at the Avalanche Hacks | FE Seoul happening from 11 – 12 August!
  5. Look out for the Challenge Statements Announcement on 11 August, 2022 at 12PM GMT+9.
  6. Check out the resources parked under the ‘Resources 📚’ section in the Participants’ Guide to navigate your way through building on Avalanche.
  7. Ideate & build your project!

Get the opportunity to learn from the best in the business through our Technical Workshops conducted by our star-studded lineup of experienced developers and hear from seasoned founders of exciting projects in the ecosystem on their journey building on Avalanche. Mentors will also be on hand throughout the program to guide you on everything from idea validation and conceptualization to building and scaling your project. Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022 is slated to be the event of the season, so sign up and start building today!

Key Hackathon Events

The Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022 officially kicks off on the 22nd of August 2022 and will be open for submissions until the 18th of September 2022. While participants can look forward to technical workshops, sharing sessions, and office hours, here are some other key event dates to take note of –

Registrations Open: 25 July 2022

Avalanche Hacks | FE Seoul: 11 – 12 August 2022

Challenge Statement Announcement: 11 August 2022

Opening Ceremony: 22 August 2022

Registrations Close: 31 August 2022

Submission Deadline: 18 September 2022

Closing Ceremony: 28 September 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Avalanche?
    Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. Any smart contract-enabled application can outperform its competition by deploying on Avalanche.
  • How do I get started on this hackathon?
    Register for the hackathon to receive all necessary information about resources, guides, and important events after registering via email.Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal of the Challenges on the 11th of August and remember to attend the virtual hackathon’s Opening Ceremony on the 22nd of August! For more info, join our Discord server to stay updated on the latest happenings.
  • Will Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022  be a virtual event?
    Yes! This hackathon will be a fully virtual event. There will be an in-person event before Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022 taking place in Seoul on August 11 and 12.
  • When will the Challenge Statements be announced?
    The Challenge Statements will be first revealed on August 11  at the Avalanche House | FE Seoul!
  • If I don’t attend Avalanche Hacks | FE Seoul, can I still register for the Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022?
    Definitely! Avalanche Hacks | FE Seoul an opportunity for you to meet the team at Ava Labs, attend informative sessions, and network with fellow developers, but it will not be a barrier for you to join the virtual hackathon Avalanche Hacks | Summer 2022.If you’d like to attend the Avalanche Hacks | FE Seoul, do register your interest here.
  • Do I need to be a developer to be a part of the hackathon?
    This event is open to all!We welcome everybody – experienced blockchain or non-blockchain developers who want to learn more about building on/for Avalanche, or are entirely new to Web3.So long as you are a legitimate citizen who is not within our list of ineligible countries, have a stable internet connection, and are 18 years old and above. Please refer to the eligibility restrictions section on the Participation Agreement.
  • Where can I find additional resources to help me build my hackathon project?
    Don’t fret! Upon registration, there will be a curated resource guide for all participants to gain a deeper understanding of the technical know-how, and a compass to guide you through the Avalanche ecosystem (Refer to the ‘Resources’ section on the Participant’s Guide to get yourself acquainted with the Avalanche protocol and its technology).

Strap on and suit up — let’s get ready to rumble.

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Website: https://virtual.avalanchehacks.com/.

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Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and eco-friendly. Any smart contract-enabled application can outperform its competition by deploying on Avalanche.