Hedera and AngelHack Launch Inaugural Beyond Blockchain Hashgraph Incubator

We are excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Beyond Blockchain Hashgraph Incubator in partnership with Hedera, the leading distributed ledger platform. The incubator aims to shape the future by building innovative solutions on the Hedera platform, moving from testnet to mainnet.

The Beyond Blockchain Hashgraph Incubator will provide a unique opportunity for startup projects in various industries such as impact accounting, regenerative finance, ESG and sustainability tech, InsurTech, digital entertainment, crowdfunding, DeFi, data marketplace, real estate tokenization, education, crypto-asset management, FinTech, ProTech, and the wellness industry.

The program, running from September 5th to November 24th, will feature workshops on ideation frameworks, product development, growth hacking, fundraising, and more. The teams can look forward to fireside chats, cohort sharing, and a showcase day where participants can pitch their projects to potential investors. The program is divided into three phases, with specific objectives for each phase. Phase 1 aims to get all teams up to speed and at a similar phase, Phase 2 focuses on prioritizing traction and iterating based on feedback, and Phase 3 prepares teams for showcase day and funding opportunities.

Mentoring support will be provided by industry-leading companies including Redex, Swirlds Labs, Fireblocks, Google Cloud, Frac, and LayerC. The incubator will foster collaboration and a conducive environment for participants to work together and with mentors.

The Selected Incubator Teams

Selected teams for the inaugural incubator include Jellyfi3sh, 838.Earth, Climateers, SunDAO Network, Funding Chain, intori, Decentralrealty, TOMAS, Kula, Tosho, Africa Women of Web3.0 (AWoW3), and GeoTap.it.

To connect with the teams and learn more about their projects, please get in touch with the Beyond Blockchain Incubator team at beyondblockchain@angelhack.com.

About Hedera: Hedera is a decentralized public network where anyone can build secure, fair, and fast applications. Powered by hashgraph consensus, Hedera enables developers to create powerful applications with verifiable integrity.