dotSocial: Paris Networking Event launches during Paris Blockchain Week

In conjunction with Paris Blockchain week, dotSocial: Paris will be held on 22nd March 2023. Get ready to network with fellow Polkadot developers & Web3.0 enthusiasts throughout the day and leave with your connections full!

dotSocial: Paris is the extension of Polkadot Hackathon Global Series: Europe Edition – the event will be focused on the hackathon’s finalists showcasing projects as they pitch to the judges live. With up to five challenge tracks, each category will award its three teams of finalists – everyone is a winner!

Find out more about the hackathon here.

We are open to everyone who registers ahead of time. Do register early if you plan to attend — limited seats available!

Polkadot boasts a large and diverse developer ecosystem, with incredible engineers from every corner of the world. A wide range of activities is already available for both seasoned Polkadot builders and new joiners alike, ranging from educational initiatives to hackathons and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will dotSocial: Paris take place?

The event will be held in Paris on 22nd March 2023. Aside from being a networking event, finalists from Polkadot Global Hackathon Series: Europe Edition will be there to present their projects as we witness who will emerge as the winner for the individual categories.

Who can attend?
We welcome everyone to join for dotSocial: Paris – from engineers, developers, or if you’re just starting out your Polkadot journey. Come forge new connections, and maybe rekindle with familiar faces as well!

Are there any prizes?
The Polkadot Global Hackathon Series: Europe Edition has an attractive prize pool of USD 220,000+  involved that you can check out!

How do I apply?
Due to limitations in the physical space, we can only accommodate 150 participants.
Do reserve your spot as soon as possible! 

How much does it cost to attend?
dotSocial: Paris is free of charge for all attendees.

What does the agenda look like?
We will be having finalists from the Polkadot Global Hackathon Series: Europe Edition present their projects live at dotSocial: Paris. The winners of the hackathon will be crowned on the day itself, followed by a networking night for all to enjoy.

What can I expect?
You’ll be able to interact with the Polkadot community as we have gathered all of the different stakeholders to network and possibly form partnerships with each other. Get ready to be exposed and grow your pool of network! You can also get to experience how a Pitch Day usually works and observe the different ideas that are presented.