Polkadot Global Series Announces 14 Innovative Start-ups for Relayers Incubator 2023

Among the 13 Chosen Start-ups are Pioneering Ideas – from Tokenizing Cars, and Houses to Creating Story-Driven Metaverses.

The Polkadot Global Series: Relayers Incubator 2023 — a blockchain incubator focusing on nurturing founders developing dApps on Polkadot’s parachains — unveiled its selection of start-ups on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

The Selection Process:

The 13 start-ups, embracing a diverse range of blockchain applications, were chosen for their innovative ideas and potential to scale in the domains of DeFi, Smart Contracts, NFT/Gaming, and XCM. The initiative is designed to foster skill development and community engagement within the Polkadot ecosystem and propel the selected start-ups toward investment readiness and business scalability in Web3.

About the Program:

Running from 5 September to 26 October 2023, the Polkadot Global Series: Relayers Incubator 2023 is an exclusive, early-stage incubator program emphasizing building investable ideas and offering extensive support, learning opportunities, mentorship, and direct connections to Parachain and Web3 experts. The program will culminate on Showcase Day, allowing participants to present their solutions to potential investors.

What Start-ups Can Expect:

The selected start-ups will gain enhanced access to features, tools, and resources to improve their MVPs’ functionality, performance, and security. They will benefit from dedicated mentorship, collaborative learning environments, and exposure to a dynamic network of developers, experts, enthusiasts, and investors within the Polkadot ecosystem.

List of Start-ups:

The start-ups are:

  1. Cyborg Network: This start-up is building a decentralized marketplace to connect providers and users of cloud computing, creating a unique environment where individuals can contribute to and benefit from shared computing resources.
  2. Cubo.land: Cubo.land has introduced an investment platform for real estate, allowing people in Latin America to invest and save easily with local payment methods and offering up to 25% annual returns.
  3. PlutoWallet: PlutoWallet is creating a multi-platform mobile wallet that aims to deliver optimal user experience for various blockchain networks.
  4. DeStore Network: DeStore Network is enabling brands to integrate into Web3 commerce, offering services that create digital representations of real-world assets, bridging the gap between conventional commerce and blockchain technology.
  5. Evolute: As an indie game studio, Evolute is developing interconnected games where players can use, customize, and evolve the same items and characters across different gaming environments.
  6. Feooh: Feooh is building Zexifi, a software development kit focused on predictive market gaming, revolutionising how users interact with market predictions in a gaming environment.
  7. Fractal RED: Set in a vast, monster-inhabited world, Fractal RED is a game offering diverse weapons and a crafting system to aid players in their journey through various landscapes.
  8. Forever Has Fallen: They are pioneering a platform for story-driven metaverses combining digital and real-world experiences to offer a new form of immersive entertainment.
  9. Homesy: Homesy is forging a home discovery network that empowers users by providing data ownership, rewards, and innovative direct sales options, adding a new dimension to real estate interaction.
  10. Fanbond: Fanbond is developing a platform that enables YouTube creators to monetize their audience more efficiently, offering innovative solutions for content creators.
  11. rotam: Rotam is at the forefront of providing transparent and comprehensive information on the legal status of vehicles, creating a transparent and accessible database for users.
  12. Xcavate: Xcavate is spearheading a unique real estate finance and investment platform that directly connects real estate developers with retail investors, enhancing efficiency in the real estate finance market.
  13. Acurast: Acurast is empowering developers to build secure and universally interoperable applications by leveraging a decentralized off-chain execution layer, opening doors to enhanced security and functionality in app development.

With such a diverse and innovative array of start-ups, the Polkadot Global Series: Relayers Incubator 2023 holds significant promise for the future of blockchain technology and the evolution of the Web3 space. To follow along their journey, follow our Twitter at: https://twitter.com/AngelHack.