AWS Inspired Developers Worldwide to Build Using Their Tools in AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series


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Tech innovators at a hackathon proudly display their AWS DeepLens rewards, celebrating achievement and collaboration in machine learning development.


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AWS partnered with AngelHack as a global sponsor for their 2019 Global Hackathon Series, reaching developers in over 25 cities worldwide. By challenging participants to build innovative mobile and web applications using AWS services, the sponsorship provided a valuable platform for AWS to showcase its offerings, engage with developers, and generate leads.


AWS sought to:

  • Increase brand awareness and developer mindshare: As a cloud computing leader, AWS needed to stay ahead of the curve and attract new developers to its platform.
  • Foster innovation and developer engagement: Providing a platform for developers to experiment with AWS tools and services could lead to the creation of new and innovative solutions.


AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series provided the perfect solution:

  • Global reach: The series spanned over 25 cities, including prominent tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Paris, Delhi, Beijing, and Singapore. This ensured that AWS could connect with a diverse pool of developers from various regions and backgrounds.
  • Targeted audience: By specifically attracting developers through the hackathon format, AWS focused its efforts on a highly relevant audience.
  • Engaging format: The hackathon’s competitive and collaborative nature encouraged developers to explore AWS tools and services in a hands-on way.
  • Supportive environment: AngelHack provided access to AWS resources, technical support, and mentorship, fostering a positive experience for participants.


  • Increased brand awareness: The hackathon exposed AWS to a large audience of developers, many of whom were new to the platform.
  • Fostered innovation: The hackathon produced a wide range of creative solutions, showcasing the potential of AWS tools in various applications.
  • Community building: The event helped create a community of developers familiar with AWS, fostering a valuable network for the company.

Engage Developers Worldwide with AngelHack

AWS’s sponsorship of AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series in 2019 was a resounding success. By providing a platform for developer engagement, the company significantly increased brand awareness, boosted product adoption, and fostered innovation within the developer community.

Learn more about our global hackathon series here.

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