Microsoft Partnered With AngelHack to Spark Azure AI Solutions for Grab and UNDP in an AI Hackathon


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The AngelHack Azure AI hackathon brought together 1500+ developers to tackle real-world challenges using AI/ML. The hackathon resulted in 70+ qualified projects addressing critical needs like sustainability, urban mobility, and social good. The hackathon’s focus on practical solutions and collaboration with Grab and UNDP ensured its positive impact, solidifying its place as a key driver of AI innovation for social good.


In 2020, with the technology landscape rapidly evolving, Microsoft Azure aimed to spark innovation across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Partnering with AngelHack, Microsoft wanted to introduce more developers in the region to Azure and get them interested in building on Azure.


AngelHack, leveraging its expertise in cultivating hackathon communities, developed an engaging virtual platform for the event:

  • Collaborative Challenges: Partner challenges from organizations like Grab and UNDP provided a range of real-world problems, aligning participants’ efforts with specific industry requirements and societal needs.
  • Structured Phases: Spanning two months, the hackathon consisted of two critical phases – initial solution design followed by development and prototyping, allowing participants ample time to refine and innovate.
  • Regional Engagement: Overcoming geographical barriers, the event connected over 1,500 participants from various APAC countries
  • Extensive Resources: Access to Microsoft Azure’s cloud services, comprehensive datasets, and specialized webinars enabled participants to delve into AI/ML, enhancing the sophistication of their solutions.
  • Expert Mentorship: Ongoing guidance from Microsoft experts and industry veterans ensured participants had the mentorship and feedback needed to transform their ideas into viable solutions.



The hackathon generated remarkable outcomes, highlighting the strength of regional collaboration and innovation:

  • Innovative AI Solutions: Winning projects like AgroVision and HakkTaxi exemplified the potential of Azure AI in addressing vital regional issues, from urban farming to efficient transportation.
  • Client Engagement: The quality of submissions impressed partners like Grab and UNDP, leading to discussions about implementing these innovative solutions in real-world scenarios.
  • Global Recognition: The event’s success was reflected in the positive feedback from participants, with a majority expressing interest in future events – underscoring its role in nurturing an engaged tech community.

Winner Spotlight: HakkTaxi

Source: Microsoft

HakkTaxi is a taxi-hailing app that allows the user to book a taxi and get the estimated arrival time. The application was built with Azure Maps, AI, and ML. This allowed the app to accurately predict trip duration based on rush hour traffic and distance.

“This hackathon inspired us to take this project further, particularly in the area of data science. In the next few months, we’ll further experiment on the application and possibly look into publishing our work in scientific journals.” (Source: Microsoft)


The AngelHack Azure AI hackathon proved a resounding success, achieving its objectives of driving AI innovation, talent acquisition, brand awareness, and social impact. The event’s focus on real-world challenges, coupled with the expertise of Grab and UNDP, ensured the development of practical and impactful solutions.

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