Consensys Unleashed Web3 Innovation in Virtual Global Hackathon in Collaboration with AngelHack





Virtual Hackathon

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AngelHack partnered with Consensys, the leading blockchain software company, to host the Not Another Virtual Hackathon (NAVH). This global virtual hackathon, held from July to September 2023, brought together over 1,600 developers, designers, and innovators from across the globe to build the next generation of the internet using Consensys’ powerful suite of tools – Infura, MetaMask, and Linea.


NAVH’s mission was clear: to foster collaboration and unleash the potential of blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.


AngelHack organized this virtual hackathon event to offer participants a unique opportunity to dive into the world of Web3, explore blockchain applications, and contribute to shaping the future of the Internet.


Over 70 innovative projects were submitted, tackling diverse challenges. From privacy-preserving social media platforms to decentralized data marketplaces, from blockchain-powered language learning tools to secure identity management solutions, NAVH showcased the boundless potential of Web3.


  • Privacy-First Focus: Several projects focused on empowering users with greater control over their data. One team built a decentralized social media platform that prioritized user privacy by storing data on-chain and leveraging zero-knowledge proofs for secure authentication. Another team developed a browser extension allowing users to share data with websites selectively, creating a more nuanced and privacy-conscious online experience.
  • Building the Future of Learning: NAVH also saw the emergence of innovative solutions in the education space. One project designed a blockchain-powered language learning platform that rewarded users for completing lessons and contributing content, fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment. Another team built a decentralized credentialing system, allowing individuals to store and share their academic achievements and professional qualifications securely.
  • Revolutionizing Identity Management: Several projects focused on reimagining identity management in the digital age. One team developed a self-sovereign identity (SSI) platform that enabled users to control their identity data and securely share it with trusted parties. Another team built a decentralized voting system that leveraged blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and transparency of elections.


Beyond the impressive project submissions, AngelHack fostered a vibrant community of Web3 enthusiasts. Over 900+ participants joined the Consensys Discord server, creating a space for knowledge sharing and mutual support. AngelHacks’ active engagement with participants amplified this sense of community, providing mentorship, technical support, and valuable industry insights.


The event has produced exceptional projects and empowered a new generation of Web3 developers. AngelHack X NAVH was more than just a hackathon; it was a catalyst for change. It demonstrated the power of collaboration, fueled by cutting-edge technology, to create a more secure, equitable, and decentralized future for the Internet. As we move forward, we are confident that the spirit of innovation ignited by AngelHack will continue to inspire and empower Web3 developers worldwide to shape the next generation of the internet.

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