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In an era where distributed ledger technology (DLT) shapes the frontier of digital innovation, Hedera Hashgraph emerges as a beacon of progress. Spearheading a concerted effort to invigorate its ecosystem with fresh talent and groundbreaking projects, Hedera, in partnership with AngelHack, unveiled a multi-tiered program to cultivate a vibrant developer community. This initiative underscores the pivotal role of structured engagement in accelerating technological advancements and fostering a thriving network of creators.


The rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology necessitates a proactive approach to developer engagement and innovation. Hedera recognised the imperative to attract a new cohort of developers, arm them with a comprehensive understanding of its platform, and support them in translating visionary ideas into impactful applications. The core challenge lies in designing a program that educates, inspires, and facilitates real-world application development within its ecosystem.


Hedera and AngelHack devised a strategic, phased program to nurture developer talent from foundational learning to application deployment in response to this challenge. This multi-faceted approach consisted of the following elements:

  • Learn and Earn Campaigns: These campaigns initiated the engagement and incentivised developers to delve into Hedera’s core concepts and tools, registering over 370 participants. The objective was to elevate developers’ understanding of the Hedera network and equip them with the knowledge to innovate effectively.
  • Hackathon: Building on the educational groundwork, developers were encouraged to enter a hackathon and apply their newly acquired insights. This phase saw over 370 learn-and-earn campaign participants showcase their innovative projects, marking a significant milestone in practical application and creativity.
  • Beyond Blockchain Hashgraph Incubator: In partnership with Hedera, the pinnacle of this program was incubating the top 7 hackathon projects. This initiative, extending from September 5th to November 24th, aimed at refining these promising solutions with the support of industry-leading mentors from Redex, Swirlds Labs, Fireblocks, Google Cloud, Frac, and LayerC. The incubator offered an intensive curriculum covering ideation frameworks, product development, and fundraising, culminating in a showcase day, presenting these projects to potential investors.


The comprehensive engagement strategy yielded remarkable results:

  • Widespread Engagement: The initiative captivated over 5,000 developers, who were engaged in a journey of learning, innovation, and development across Hedera’s platform.
  • Talent Cultivation: By identifying and nurturing promising talent, Hedera has laid a strong foundation for a robust community of developers poised to drive future innovations.
  • Acceleration of Innovation: The incubator program has propelled 7 high-potential projects towards implementation, significantly enriching the Hedera ecosystem with practical, innovative applications.


In collaboration with AngelHack, Hedera’s structured developer engagement program is a testament to the power of education, hands-on experience, and sustained support in building a dynamic and innovative developer community. This endeavour not only fuels the growth of the Hedera network but also sets a benchmark for nurturing talent and innovation within the DLT landscape. Through these strategic initiatives, Hedera and AngelHack are shaping the future of digital ledger technologies, fostering an environment where creativity and innovation can thrive.

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