AngelHack Partnered with Google Cloud, Nvidia, Shopify, Meta at TechJam 2022 in Singapore




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AngelHack’s TechJam 2022, held in conjunction with Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH), successfully connected over 500 tech talents with leading industry figures. This one-day event, featuring workshops, panel discussions, and fireside chats with 15+ speakers, provided a valuable platform for partners like Google Cloud, Nvidia, Shopify, and Meta to showcase their technology, share industry insights, and recruit top talent in Singapore’s thriving tech ecosystem.


Attracting and retaining skilled professionals is a critical challenge for companies in today’s competitive tech landscape. Traditional recruitment methods often need to capture the attention of a generation that thrives on immersive experiences and meaningful connections.


AngelHack’s TechJam addressed this challenge by creating a unique event that catered to the needs of tech talent and industry leaders.

  • For Tech Talent: The event offered a comprehensive program featuring workshops on in-demand technical skills, panel discussions on career development, and fireside chats with industry icons. This provided attendees with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to learn from the best in the field.
  • For Industry Partners: TechJam 2022 presented an exceptional platform for companies to connect with a pool of over 500 highly skilled tech professionals. Partners had the opportunity to:
    • Showcase their cutting-edge technology through interactive demonstrations and presentations.
    • Share valuable industry knowledge and insights through engaging workshops and panel discussions.
    • Network with potential recruits and build brand awareness among a talent-rich audience.


By fostering connections between tech talent and industry leaders, AngelHack TechJam significantly benefited attendees and partners.

  • For Tech Talent: Attendees gained valuable industry insights, honed their technical skills, and networked with potential employers. This unique event empowered them to make informed career decisions and connect with leading tech companies in Singapore.
  • For Industry Partners: Partners like Google Cloud, Nvidia, Shopify, and Meta successfully connected with a targeted audience of over 500 tech professionals. They were able to showcase their brand, recruit top talent, and establish themselves as thought leaders in the Singapore tech scene.


AngelHack’s TechJam event demonstrated the power of innovative events in connecting tech talent with industry leaders. This successful event serves as a blueprint for future AngelHack initiatives designed to bridge the gap between skilled professionals and companies seeking their expertise. AngelHack empowers individuals and companies to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape by fostering meaningful connections and facilitating knowledge exchange.

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