VMware and AngelHack Partner to Empower Developers with Cloud-Native Skills





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developers learned and built with VMware Tanzu


VMware, a leading innovator in cloud computing, partnered with AngelHack Singapore to introduce developers to their cloud-native application platform, VMware Tanzu. This case study explores how VMware successfully onboarded over 20 developers onto their platform, fostered innovation through hands-on workshops, and empowered teams to build winning hackathon projects with Tanzu.


Staying ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape requires embracing cutting-edge tools and platforms. VMware recognised the need to educate developers about the benefits of its cloud-native solution, VMware Tanzu, and its potential to accelerate application development and deployment.


VMware partnered with AngelHack Singapore, a renowned platform for developer communities, to host an engaging workshop and hackathon focused on Tanzu. This strategic collaboration provided a unique opportunity for:

  • Hands-on learning: A comprehensive workshop equipped developers with the knowledge and skills to explore and utilise Tanzu’s capabilities. Over 40 developers actively participated, gaining valuable insights into building and deploying cloud-native applications.
  • Real-world application: The hackathon challenged developers to put their newfound knowledge into practice by building innovative projects leveraging Tanzu. This hands-on approach solidified their understanding and fueled creative problem-solving.
  • Incentivised participation: VMware offered attractive prizes for teams that built successful MVPs with Tanzu to encourage exploration and experimentation. This incentive structure fueled healthy competition and motivated developers to push the boundaries of their creativity.


The AngelHack Singapore event proved to be a resounding success for VMware, achieving the following impactful outcomes:

  • Increased developer adoption: Over 20 developers actively engaged with Tanzu through the workshop and hackathon, significantly increasing platform awareness and adoption.
  • Winning hackathon projects: Two teams impressed the judges by building their projects entirely on VMware Tanzu, showcasing the platform’s potential for real-world application development.
  • Enhanced brand recognition: VMware’s presence at AngelHack Singapore significantly boosted its brand visibility within the developer community, positioning it as a leader in cloud-native solutions.


VMware’s collaboration with AngelHack Singapore effectively addressed the challenges of developer education and platform adoption. By providing an engaging learning environment coupled with the excitement of a hackathon, VMware successfully onboarded over 20 developers onto its Tanzu platform. The resulting hackathon projects and increased developer interest demonstrate the power of hands-on learning and community engagement in driving technology adoption. This strategic partnership serves as a blueprint for future industry collaborations to empower developers and foster innovation in the cloud-native space.

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