Consensys Amplified Blockchain Innovation Through AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series





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Winning team at the AngelHack LA, sponsored by Consensys, celebrates their innovative Ethereum blockchain solution, showcasing talent and collaboration in technology."


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Consensys, a leading blockchain technology company, sponsored AngelHack’s global hackathon series. This collaboration aimed to educate developers on how to build on Ethereum, as well as identify talent. Over 500 developers in 8 cities were engaged in this effort, producing a range of solutions from immunization tracking to donation systems.


Since Consensys’ suite of products are blockchain-based, they wanted to educate developers on Ethereum and blockchain technologies to grow the ecosystem. Additionally, they also wanted to identify and hire talent in the blockchain space.


AngelHack’s Global Hackathon Series served as the perfect platform to address these challenges. With its wide-reaching network and expertise in organizing hackathons, AngelHack facilitated a series of events across eight cities, creating a conducive environment for developers to learn, innovate, and connect.

Championing Building on Ethereum

The hackathon series served as a springboard for aspiring Ethereum developers. Through workshops and mentorship, Consensys empowered participants with the necessary skills to confidently build on the platform. This not only expanded the Ethereum developer base but also equipped them to create innovative solutions that pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with blockchain technology.

Reaching out to Developers Worldwide

By tapping into AngelHack’s global presence, Consensys reached developers across various continents. This international approach not only diversified the talent pool but also brought in fresh perspectives that are essential in the technology space. The outreach was pivotal in building a more robust and inclusive Ethereum community.

Inspiring Blockchain Solutions for Social Good

The partnership’s pinnacle was the development of innovative solutions addressing real-world problems. The hackathons catalyzed the creation of applications for immunization tracking and donations, among others. These solutions highlighted the practical value of blockchain technology and its potential for social impact, aligning with Consensys’ mission to build a more open and equitable internet.

Spark a Thriving Ecosystem with AngelHack

By leveraging our expansive network and hackathon expertise, Consensys was able to educate developers on Ethereum, fostering a more vibrant and innovative blockchain ecosystem for their tools. This also enabled the creation of diverse solutions with substantial social impact.

Partner with us in global hackathon series to inspire, educate, and empower developers around the world.

Learn more about our global hackathon series here.

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