Heineken Brewed Innovative Solutions for its Singapore GP Experience at hacksingapore





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Heineken engaged with over 200 developers in hacksingapore 2023 to reimagine the drinking experiences at the Singapore Grand Prix (GP). The challenge was to encourage responsible drinking and optimize logistics to ensure a fresh supply of beer.


Heineken posed two primary challenges for developers to work on.

  • Responsible drinking: Engaging with race fans in new digital ways while encouraging responsible consumption, both online and during the event.
  • Logistics optimization: Ensuring all 300,000 attendees access fresh, cold beer efficiently, eliminating long queues and stock shortages.


As a sponsor of hackglobal, Heineken attracted over 200 developers to its keynote and workshop. The team at Heineken appreciated the high engagement and feedback from the participants who sought to understand their challenge statements on a deeper level.

At the end of the event, 4 solutions stood out:

  • TechDucks: Developed a fun, interactive campaign encouraging responsible drinking habits through self-awareness and limit setting.
  • EVENTourage: Designed a platform promoting responsible drinking through gamification and personalized content.
  • EmpowerX: Created “BrewLogi,” a mobile app streamlining vendor operations, eliminating queues, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • GDRD: Introduced queue management using QR codes, providing real-time wait times and stock levels at beer stalls.


  • Stronger brand recognition amongst tech talent: Heineken interacted with hundreds of developers and innovators during the event, showcasing their commitment to innovation, even as a beverage company.
  • Enhanced fan engagement: Hackathon solutions provided innovative ways to connect with fans online and promote responsible drinking habits.
  • Improved logistics: Optimised beer distribution, reducing wait times and ensuring fresh, and cold beer availability throughout the event.


Hear more from Shridhar Mahesh, Heineken’s Global Digital Innovation Lead:

There’s so many interesting emerging technologies coming our way, and how to work with those, and how to learn from them, not everything we can come up with ourselves. So that’s one more reason to join hacksingapore. To learn from other people as well, how to bring those technologies to the company and that perfectly aligns with how we exist in the future.

Embrace Innovation with our Global Hackathon Series

Heineken’s involvement in hacksingapore 2023 exemplifies how hackglobal can empower sponsors to engage deeply with the developer community and establish themselves as innovative brands. Joining forces with AngelHack allows companies like Heineken to transform challenges into opportunities for growth, innovation, and enhanced engagement, setting a new standard for how brands interact with technology and community.

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