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AngelHack’s Money 20/20 Hackathon was a collaboration between innovative FinTech startups and industry leaders. This Las Vegas event united developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to tackle real financial challenges. Over two years, it delivered 90+ solutions addressing critical issues, focusing on real-world needs, and nurturing the next generation of FinTech minds.


Bridging the gap between cutting-edge FinTech solutions and industry giants.


AngelHack partnered with the world’s premier finance giants like MasterCard, CapitalOne and Visa to create the Money 20/20 Hackathon. This unique event in Las Vegas brought together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to tackle real-world challenges posed by industry leaders.

  • Brainstorm to Brilliance: AngelHack was a partner in conception, meticulously crafting the hackathon alongside Money 20/20 organisers. We identified key industry pain points, translated them into compelling challenges, and ensured the event resonated with developers and sponsors.
  • Gathering the A-Team: Our global talent network wasn’t just a database but a talent magnet. We curated the perfect storm of developers – veterans, rising stars, coders, and designers. We used targeted outreach, social media buzz, and strategic partnerships to attract the best minds, ensuring a diverse and dynamic pool of participants.
  • Amplifying the Buzz: A hackathon of this magnitude thrives on visibility. AngelHack generated pre-event hype through press releases, social media campaigns, and influencer partnerships. We turned Money 20/20 into a trending topic, attracting media attention and ensuring a packed house of FinTech enthusiasts.
  • Seamless Execution: AngelHack’s experienced event team provided logistics, from registration and workspace setup to mentorship and judging. We fostered a collaborative environment where ideas sparked like fireworks, fueled by late-night coding sessions and bottomless cups of coffee.


  • Unleashing Innovation: Over two years (2016-2018), the hackathon attracted 500+ attendees, fostering a collaborative environment where groundbreaking FinTech solutions were born.
  • Addressing Real Needs: By directly partnering with industry giants, the hackathon ensured the challenges presented were relevant and impactful – addressing critical issues like payments, personal finance, and financial inclusion.
  • Nurturing Future Leaders: The hackathon served as a platform for emerging FinTech talent to showcase their skills and gain valuable exposure to industry decision-makers. This talent pool represents the future of FinTech, and AngelHack played a crucial role in nurturing their growth.


  • Collaboration is key: By bringing together diverse stakeholders – developers, FinTech leaders, and investors – the hackathon fostered a dynamic ecosystem that accelerated innovation.
  • Focus on real-world problems: The hackathon’s success stemmed from its commitment to addressing actual industry challenges, ensuring the solutions developed had tangible value.
  • Investing in the future: By nurturing young talent and connecting them with industry leaders, the hackathon played a vital role in shaping the future of FinTech.


AngelHack’s Money 20/20 Hackathon serves as a powerful example of how hackathons can be leveraged to drive innovation, address critical industry needs, and cultivate the next generation of FinTech leaders.

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