AngelHack Organised Ethereum Singapore – The Largest Ethereum Event in Singapore




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AngelHack was one of the key community organisers for Ethereum Singapore 2023. This blockchain event fostered cross-cultural collaboration, industry exposure, and community building – with talks by Vitalik himself, as well as other luminaries in the space.


We wanted to bring Ethereum Foundation’s vision of an infinite garden to life in the garden city of Singapore. That meant creating a space where developers in the Ethereum space could connect and build, cultivating a vibrant ecosystem and empowering groundbreaking projects.


AngelHack partnered with Ethereum Foundation and other key stakeholders to launch Ethereum Singapore, a 3-day external hackathon designed to attract top talent – regardless of where they are.


  • Unleashing Innovation: 420+ developers and innovators participated, forming 120 diverse hackathon teams. This resulted in a surge of creative ideas, with projects tackling various challenges across DeFi, NFTs, scalability solutions, and more.
  • Global Reach: The hackathon transcended geographical boundaries, attracting developers from over 10+ countries and fostering cross-cultural collaboration and knowledge exchange. This diversity enriched the problem-solving approaches and broadened the Ethereum ecosystem’s reach.
  • Industry-Leading Exposure: Participants gained invaluable insights from conference talks featuring Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, and industry leaders from Coinbase, Google Cloud, and Arbitrum. This direct access to expert knowledge and potential partners empowered teams to refine their projects and prepare for future success.
  • Community Building: This external hackathon catalyzed community building, with developers establishing connections, sharing ideas, and long-term collaborations. This fostered a supportive and vibrant ecosystem where innovation can thrive.



  • Targeted Events: Hosting hackathons in strategic locations like Singapore attracts top regional talent while fostering international collaboration.
  • Industry Partnerships: Collaborating with key stakeholders within the blockchain ecosystem strengthens the event’s appeal and provides participants with valuable resources and exposure.
  • Diverse Participation: Encouraging participation from various backgrounds and countries leads to a richer pool of ideas and fosters a more inclusive and innovative environment.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Integrating expert talks and mentorship opportunities empowers participants to refine their projects and gain valuable industry insights.



AngelHack’s Ethereum Singapore hackathon proves that external events, fueled by community and collaboration, are critical drivers of innovation in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

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