AngelHack Toronto 2014 Team Launches Wurkur

Ohh, that sweet smell of success. YUM. We love it. When you come to an AngelHack event, you know that anything can happen. We hear lots of great pitches and see lots of great demos…and win or lose, awesome products come out of our events!

Case. In. POINT: although they didn’t win the Toronto event, team Wurker kept on keepin’ on and voila, they’ve got one fine lookin’ app in the app store. Boom! Wurkur is an Android app that allows users to run a set of tasks using voice command. You can pre-program various tasks, and then initiate them by simply calling them out, setting off a chain reaction.

Cool stuff! We’re hearing more and more of these success stories, so let this be a lesson to all you kids out there. If you have an idea you really believe in, keep going! Good things can happen with hard work and inspiration. We’ve got one talented community and we love seeing you all in action.

Can we show Team Wurkur some LOVE?! Download Wurkur on Google Play today!