Announcing The Super Heroes Vs. Master Hackers HACKATHON!


The financial services industry is changing, and it’s time someone comes in to save the day. The old ways aren’t working. There is a disconnect between the slow moving ways of the big guys, and the quick and agile ways of the new kids on the block.

Who will enter the fight and come out on top?

Good question!

Enter Super Heroes vs Master Hackers, the NYC edition! It’s a 36-hour hackathon that will superhero punch some awesomeness into the fintech space, bringing New York’s best developers, designers and entrepreneurs to Barclays’ brand spanking new Accelerator and Innovation Hub, Rise New York.

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Your challenge, should you choose to accept (yes, we know what that’s from, just go with it) is to create the future of banking, now.

You’ll start by choosing your faction. Are you gonna be a Super Hero, or a Master Hacker?


Hold up, not so fast!

Let’s first define this.

Super Heroes

People in all worlds through generations have looked to superheroes to protect civilisations. Superheroes have protected Gotham, Metropolis, Earth and kept the streets safe from tyranny. Each world and civilisation now has a new threat. On the other side of the galaxy, the Ruby Alliance and Git Empire have joined forces led by the Master Hackers. The Hackers will do anything to protect their nations and claim world domination. It is time for superheroes to unite to protect their people, their civilisations and way of life.

Master Hackers

In a galaxy far far away, the Code Wars between the Ruby Alliance and the Git Empire have finally ended. A new era has been born bridging an alliance between the two. The Master Hackers have been rightfully re-instated as defenders of the galaxy. However, a new threat is looming. The Superheroes. Superheroes are embarking on dominating the galaxy, world by world. Join the mighty Master Hackers and become the ultimate Code Master to protect these galaxies once again.

You’ll choose your side and challenge. And battle it out for the prizes.

Overall Winner

  • Free co-working space at Rise New York for each winning team member for 3 months
  • Access to Rise’s vast mentor network
  • Access to Rise Ecosystem and Community Perks
  • Fast track to interview for Barclays Accelerator New York cohort 2, powered by Techstars

World 1: The Lost Identity

  • Challenge: This world has lost its way. Its people do not have traditional sources of identification and are excluded from financial services. They are deemed by their society to be the ‘unbanked clan’.  Help this world find their way and be its Champion.
  • Prize:  $2,500 for winning team
  • Runner Up: BeBop Parrot Drone without Skycopter per team member

World 2: Gamers Paradise

  • Challenge: It is the year 2100. You have been transported to the future and the world of online rewards is in trouble. Consumers are alienated. Redeeming rewards is complex and time-consuming. Your mission is to create a simple, easy-to-use and effective way to sign up and use online rewards through gamification.
  • Prize: $2,500 for winning team
  • Runner Up: Oculus Rift Developer Kit per team member

World 3: The Battle for Blockchain

  • Challenge: The war for contract simplicity has lasted many years with no one side gaining the upper hand.  Your mission is to reinvent the way that contracts are agreed upon.  Your mission is to bring peace to this world.
  • Prizes: $2,500 for the winning team
  • Runner Up: Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 Interactive Robotic Droid by Sphero and Millennium Falcon Drone (when available) per team member

We have some epic challenges, food, prizes and more for you. And we can assure you, this is one NYC event you won’t wanna miss!

WANNA SIGN UP? CLICK HERE (and hint hint, if you use the code: AngelNews, it’ll be free)