HACKcelerator: Checking in On Air

We often hear the “how-we-started-out” stories from big shots in the industry, years after they make it. And while these stories are always inspiring, they’re sometimes fluffed up in retrospect and don’t portray the nitty-gritty, highs & lows of launching a startup. Well now you can hear it from the real brave souls who are fighting the startup battle right now.  

For the past couple of weeks, our HACKcelerator hackpreneurs have been joining us from around the globe on LIVE, On Air Q&A style discussions. They’ve been talking about everything from what inspired their awesome winning projects, to the biggest challenges they’re currently facing with launching their startups. These awesome discussions are held weekly with two of our teams who’ve really shown progress that week.

Catch the teams you missed:

So be sure to follow our lineup on Twitter, tweet your questions out using #HACKcelerator15 & TUNE IN every Wednesday at 10 am PST!

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