How FLIR’s Hack The Heat Burned Brighter Than Bay To Breakers

It was a busy weekend in San Francisco, especially since it was the weekend of the legendary (and messy) Bay to Breakers race. At first, we were worried. Would we get attendees to show up to a 3-day hackathon on this particular weekend, when they could be running through the streets of San Francisco in random costumes? Just in case, we made sure to have superhero capes at the ready…. and the answer was, YES!

We took over Impact Hub San Francisco with about 70 attendees, all set to dig into FLIR’s hardware supply closet chock full of FLIR ONEs, Leptons, and more. This wasn’t a typical hackathon, where (for the most part) the only equipment you have at your disposal is your laptop and whatever hardware you might bring. FLIR had a whole equipment room set up, with FLIR ONEs, Lepton dev kits, a 3D printer, monitors, and all kinds of wires, cords and switchboards. Basically, a hacker and maker’s dream.

Did we mention the capes? Oh yeah… Not only did this hackathon have tons of’ hardware, but it also featured awesome superhero games that took place in the dark, featuring thermal imaging technology, stereoscopic goggles that give you predator vision, and remotely controlled, thermal guided nerf guns. Geeky, and awesome.

Check out these heat seeking NERF sentinels!

Check out the hackathon projects here.

There were a bunch of notable projects, so much so that FLIR added a few extra shout outs during the closing ceremonies. BUT, our winning team definitely stood out.

Meet FLIR Fib Detector! From their project page: “Our app uses thermal imaging for lie detection. “When someone is making something up on the spot, brain activity usually changes and you can detect this through the thermal camera” (because of measurable blood flow changes) – professor Hassan Ugail, director of the Center for Visual Computing.” Sounds cool right? Well it was. They took a simple idea, and a fresh one around thermal imaging, and created an app that can totally be useful at the consumer level and fun to play with once it’s on the app store.

FLIR Fib Detector FLIR Fib Detector


Final Winners:

Grand Prize – FLIR Fib Detector

Existing Hack – Thermal Calling
Fresh Hack – Aquacheck

Existing Make – Thermal Baby Monitor

Fresh Make – Byte-B-Q


Also, in case you didn’t know: this isn’t a just a one-off event. We love FLIR, and FLIR loves hackers and makers, so we’ll be bringing the heat to London next month (June 17-19)!

Check out those deets here.