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Living in a COVID19 world and you know that hackathons are a great way to spend your time

We can’t all be this guy…


But most all of us can identify with this…


I finished Netflix today…


You know where I’m going with this–COVID-19. It’s everywhere and while lockdown dates continue to get extended, we’re all wondering when will it go back to “normal” and what am I going to do?!? At AngelHack, we’ve made working remotely a long standing lifestyle which in light of quarantine–it almost feels like business as usual (with the exception of tp rationing). 


Last week, we hosted a Remote Work webinar where we covered our best tips and tricks for how to acclimate and excel at working from home, if it’s not something you’ve been accustomed to before. You can check out a recording of it, but if we could impart one thing it would be?… Brush your teeth. 

AngelHack isn’t stopping there. We are planning a virtual global hackathon to address COVID-19 to make this time a little less thumb twiddling for those in lockdown and helping those in need. The hackathon will cover six regions over a four month timespan with the potential of impact in health, education, climate, information, finances, and those at risk. We’re currently looking for partners to develop their challenges and band together as coming together collectively (virtually) is a great way to make a difference and kick some Covid (ehem) ass. 

If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved let us know! Email: info@angelhack.com 

It’s not just AngelHack employees turning this time into opportunities for innovation. Our Ambassador team out of India has developed a chatbot for COVID-19. It’s an online guide that helps you:

1) Verify If a person has any of the common symptoms of COVID-19

2) Find COVID-19 testing locations

3) Donate to the World Health Organization (WHO)

Check out the site!

So, until next time. Stay Safe!