Meet Fuzz Productions, Home To #AH9 Brooklyn

We don’t like to play favorites at AngelHack but when it comes to cities around the globe we can’t resist New York. The people, the atmosphere, the inability to drive a car anywhere, it’s startup heaven!


For this year’s Series hackathon in Brooklyn we’re working with the infamous Fuzz Productions! They are a best in class agency providing dope innovative mobile app and website development, design, and strategy services to enterprises and startups.

They are a fast paced company that gets stuff done and takes names. We would have to say they’re definitely the definition of New Yorkers!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.59.46 AM

Fuzz believes that design all starts with understanding the human experience. They aren’t just a bunch of developers hiding in an office somewhere off the bridge for 8 hours a day. The products they release are tested and studied by regular run of the mill (still unique in their own special way) people, far before the product is released.


Don’t just take our word for it though. If you’re going to our Brooklyn event on June 18-19th then you will be lucky enough to hear all about them, and see their work space! They’ll talk all about their game changing products as well as their strategies for maintaining maximum awesomeness in the startup community.


Getting all warm and fuzzy inside? Us too! The excitement is too real!


Snag a ticket and check out the event details here:

Want a free ticket? Use code: AngelNews

Oh and it looks like they’re hiring 😉

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