Team Arsenic Take 1st Place At AngelHack Delhi

The Team

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I think it’s safe to say that ours is a very well balanced team, with all of us having an expertise in at least one type of technology, which when put together brought out the best version of Arsenic that could possibly be made in 24-hours. The diversity in backgrounds and opinions was also a one of the key reasons that the demo app was a right balance of complementing features.

The Idea

The basic foundation of the app was laid down before the hackathon, with Saurav being experienced with making great media content (news, to be specific) and python scripting, Gautam being adept with core Android, handling the API and performance part and the three of us (Gur Raunaq, Ashish, Hardeep) skilled in making quality Augmented Reality Experiences.

The idea was to make a 21st century search engine, we tried to bring the search in third dimension. We tried to change the way print media is consumed, which is in contrast to the trend wherein media companies are invested in bringing digital version of their newspapers. And the way we integrated select features into the demo app was, what I believe, the judges liked the most.



Hackathons weren’t anything new for any of the members of the team, but AngelHack was definitely the best we all have ever participated in.

Some noteworthy things which were immensely important at such a competition was the clean, hygienic and tasty food, provided to us at regular intervals, in addition to the coffee which was available 24×7. The organizers and mentors were always there to solve any of our queries and last but not the least, the tons of swag we received, was just some of the reasons that made this an unforgettable experience.

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