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This case study highlights the successful partnership between AngelHack and P&G, showcasing how this external hackathon has fostered innovation and generated valuable solutions across diverse themes. With over 1,000 participants, 7 cities, and 230+ solutions built, this collaboration has contributed to many fresh ideas and impactful results.


AngelHack and P&G’s partnership is built on a shared passion for tackling real-world challenges through the power of hackathons. From women’s health and home experiences to consumer complaint analysis, each event has centred around specific themes with tangible outcomes in mind.


  • Hacking for Women’s Health: The “Lady Problems Series” hackathon addressed the underrepresentation of women in entrepreneurship and tackled critical issues in women’s health. P&G, as the sponsor, presented unique challenges that encouraged participants to develop solutions for menstrual hygiene management, mental health support, and access to healthcare. This event fostered innovation and raised awareness about important social issues.
  • Building a Happy, Smelling Home: The “Febreze Home Hack” took a playful approach to smart home technology, challenging participants to envision the future of a happy and odour-free home. Leveraging P&G’s Febreze technology, hackers created creative solutions like scent-diffusing alarm clocks, personalised air filtration systems, and even pet odour neutralizers. This hackathon demonstrated the power of combining technology with human-centred design to improve everyday living.
  • Harnessing the Power of Data: As sponsors of our global hackathon series in Cincinnati, P&G wanted to use data to address consumer complaints. P&G set three challenges to streamline complaint analysis and identify root causes – leading to the development of AI-powered solutions to revolutionise customer service and product quality


  • 1,000+ participants: Engaged hackers from diverse backgrounds brought fresh perspectives and skill sets to the table.
  • 7 cities: Global reach ensured a wider talent pool and fostered cross-cultural collaboration.
  • 230+ solutions built: Each hackathon generated a multitude of innovative ideas with real-world applications.

The actual value of this partnership lies beyond mere numbers. It’s about fostering a culture of innovation where challenges become catalysts for creative problem-solving. It’s about empowering individuals to tackle complex issues and develop solutions to make a real difference in people’s lives.


AngelHack’s vision for collaborative innovation shines through its partnership with P&G. Together, they’ve unlocked the potential of hackathons, turning collective imagination into impactful solutions and inspiring a future generation of changemakers.

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