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Winners announced for the MediaTek IoT Challenge

Beginning in October 2016, MediaTek challenged hardware developers from India, Europe and the United States to compete in the MediaTek IoT Challenge, where they could leverage MediaTek LinkIt™ Devel

Your 2017 Hackathon Project Design Inspiration Guide

Hackathons draw in a ton of developers (obviously), but designers come in droves as well. And are equally as important to the success of the team. ‘Cause we all know a brilliantly engineered projec

7 Facts About Women Owned Businesses [Guest Post]

Gone are the days when women are on the side lines. They are now more empowered than ever, and some of them are even business owners. It is interesting to note that women have gone a long way in provi

Bridging the Gender Gap With Haven On Demand

This fall, we took our Lady Problems Hackathon Series global, and we wanted to make sure we found partnerships with companies that truly aligned with our vision. We immediately turned to one of our fa

How A Non-Technical Company Impacted The Global Tech Space

When we decided to launch our Lady Problems Global Hackathon Series, AngelHack wanted to ensure that we not only addressed the issues preventing female entrepreneurship, but also changed the negative