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AngelHack ignites the passion of developers, entrepreneurs and innovators to build the future. We connect companies with the world’s most vibrant community of code creators + change makers to bring new ideas to life and make change happen, together.

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Whether you want to join a hack or hire us to organize one, we create a setting that unlocks rapid innovation and turns ideas into action.

You might want to organize a hackathon or student challenge to grow your platform, drive brand awareness, accelerate innovation, hire top talent or energize your team. Whatever your objectives are, AngelHack is the premier partner because we have a thriving community of 200K+ developers, designers and entrepreneurs, a global network of employees and ambassadors, and unparalleled experience with 550+ hackathons in over 400 cities around the globe.




If your goal is to build an active community of developers, gather feedback on your API, SDK or product, or power up innovation, our consulting services are a great investment.

We advise businesses on strategic development, community building, and advanced product development. We’ve worked with clients such as Gitcoin, BD Biosciences and IBM to name a few.

Global Series 2021

AngelHack’s Global Series is the bridge between a massive global developer ecosystem and the innovative companies trying to reach them. The world’s largest and most diverse global developer ecosystem is at your fingertips; the potential for innovation is endless.

Be a part of our expansive hackathon series and learn more about sponsorship opportunities to drive brand awareness, gather valuable product feedback, and reach your strategic goals.




AngelHack’s 12-week pre-accelerator program, HACKcelerator, connects ambitious hackers with thought-leaders and experienced entrepreneurs to help them become more versatile. We help top teams refine their ideas to build their hackathon winning prototype into a fully fledged startup.

Our proven curriculum combines mentorship, speakers and workshops to offer the best in startup education. With a startup portfolio valuation of $70M, acquisitions from tech giants such as Google, and BOX, AngelHack is the highest valued pre-accelerator in the industry.

Innovation Management

Innovation doesn’t often start in a cubicle. We create an environment that sources fresh ideas that would otherwise take months or years to spark.


Whether you want to hack in a hackathon or hire us to organize one, we’re here to create a setting that unlocks rapid innovation and turn thoughts into things.

Virtual Competitions

An in-person hackathon not the right fit? Take it virtual and invite the whole world, or do both! A virtual hackathon breaks beyond borders and spreads your reach.


So now you’ve got some winning projects, and want to make sure they’re given the right attention and resources to turn into an actual viable startup? We’ve got the expertise and the network to make it so.

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Could it be the first step of your startup success?

hacksingapore 2023

hacksingapore is an annual national hackathon event, where we gather talents to tackle problems through emerging technologies.

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