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Grow your platform

Get your API, SDK or technology into the hands of top developers

Brand leadership

Position yourself as a leader in innovation and technology

Accelerate innovation

Bring in outside ideas and talent, new perspectives and solutions for tough problems

Hire top talent

Connect with new talent and see how they perform on real world challenges

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Hackathons are fun! Spark creativity and connection with an internal hack just for your company, or involve your team in planning an external hack

Why AngelHack?


AngelHack has been a leader in hackathons since 2011. We’ve planned over 550 hackathons in over 400 cities around the globe, along with dozens of virtual hacks.

Think global, act local

We have employees and ambassadors all over the world. Our vast international network gives us local insight into what developers want and how to reach them.

Thriving community

Our engaged community of over 200,000+ developers is always on the lookout for new hackathons to join.

How can we help


You’ll have a dedicated team focused on planning, marketing, and running a world class event.

Event logistics and operations

From strategy development and project management to venue sourcing, prize selection, partnerships, judge selection and beyond, we’ll help you build your big picture vision–and we’ll manage every detail along the way.

Event marketing and promotion

We’ll create and execute a marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

Some of our past work

Internal Hack: App Dynamics Hacky New Year

The challenge:

AppDynamics hosts a yearly internal hackathon to foster innovation, generate new ideas and energize staff. In 2021, we aimed to further expand the program and supersize its impact.

What we did:

The event spanned 2.5 weeks and it was fully conducted virtually. Throughout the event, we hosted activities with compelling keynote speakers and mentors and injected elements of fun with icebreaker activities such as a Family Feud style quiz, and a scavenger hunt for participants to blow off steam.

The results:

More than 274 AppDynamos attended virtually, and a total of 26 projects were demoed. Not only did the event receive a very high NPS score–but a number of patents were generated as the result of the event as well.

External Hack: Jina X Virtual Hackathon

The challenge:
Startup Jina AI hosted a three day virtual hackathon to bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs to solve challenges using Jina, an easier way to do neural search in the cloud.

What we did:
With just three weeks for marketing, AngelHack handled all the operations, logistics, and promotion of the hackathon. Throughout the weekend, activities like speed networking happy hours, team building sessions, and demo practices gave participants a chance to network with like minds and gather feedback for their ideas.

The results:
The hackathon attracted more than 860 participants from 77 countries along with 20K+ social impressions. Additionally the Jina AI team got valuable product feedback from the participants.

External Hack: Microsoft Azure Virtual Hackathon

The challenge:
This virtual hackathon in the APAC region brought together AI/ML enthusiasts, talented developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to solve real-world business challenges using Azure AI.  There were two challenges given by Grab and UNDP. Prizes include $3K in cash, tech gadgets, and a fully funded trip to visit UNDP Headquarters in Singapore.

What we did:
The hackathon spanned two months from April to June 2020 and featured a series of webinars on how to build on Azure. AngelHack handled all of the operations, logistics and marketing of this fully virtual hackathon, amidst the early Covid19 pandemic.

The results:
1500+ participants registered and 74 projects were submitted. The Microsoft Azure team were very happy at the quality of submissions received and planned to partner with the winning team to implement those solutions. 90% of the feedback survey respondents said they would attend the hackathon again.

External Hack: RESET 1010

The challenge:
In this virtual hackathon that took place in November 20202, developers across Vietnam and 10+ countries globally were challenged to build AI-powered solutions to boost the green recovery of SMEs in Vietnam from Covid-19. The competition focused on 9 main sectors of Vietnam’s economy, including: healthcare, business support, finance & banking, human resources education & training, ecommerce & retail, logistics & supply chain, operation optimization, agriculture & food, and textile.

What we did:
With marketing support from partners UNDP and Australian Aid, AngelHack handled strategy, operations, logistics and bilingual marketing for this virtual hackathon. In terms of marketing, Angelhack handled email marketing, paid media, social and developer outreach.

The results:
280+ participants from 30 countries submitted 28 projects. Top counties included Vietnam, USA and India. First prize went to project: Hoori, a mobile app that helps monitor and protect crop health and supports the transition to the circular economic model with AI technology for small and medium businesses operating in the agricultural sector.

External Hack: NFL Hackathon

The challenge:
In 2017, NFL and AngelHack joined forces to bring together hackers in the Bay Area to build projects focused on finding compelling use cases for its Next Gen Stats data to educate the fan and/or demonstrate the game in ways never before seen. How could hackers find original and interesting stories within this new mountain of data that could make the game more exciting than ever before? What innovative applications might arise from third party developers that the NFL itself hadn’t contemplated?

What we did:
The NFL event sold-out within 72 hours, the fastest-ever for AngelHack, and featured video games, streaming football games, tasty food truck meals and more. More than $17,500 in prizes were available, and a special anonymized and randomized data set was created by the NFL team just for the hackers at the event to play with and find unique patterns.

The results:
100 hackers attended and submitted 22 projects. The winning team used machine learning to analyze which receiver had the highest best potential to complete the pass. The second place team created a new running back rating and the third place team grouped old plays with similar formations in order to see past and future success rates of different formations.

External Hack: Think Big, Act Small Hack with U.S. Bank

The challenge:
100 hackers convened to build solutions in support of small businesses leveraging U.S. Bank and Mastercard APIs. The event, which featured $25,000 in prizes and was held at Plug N’ Play in Silicon Valley, garnered rave reviews from hackers who created 24 projects to support small businesses. U.S. Bank wanted to showcase their innovation efforts and APIs to the developer community, and support small businesses in the process.

What we did:
In order to provide the best possible technology to developers, AngelHack, U.S. Bank and MasterCard collaborated to select APIs that would best support the challenge of supporting small businesses. The AngelHack marketing team also helped dream up the “Think Big Hack Small” theme for the event, including a creative T-Shirt design, logo, Snapchat filter and more. We also engaged in hands-on developer outreach, email and marketing to our Bay Area community to sell-out the event.

The results:
The event was a fun and inspiring experience for 100 hackers, who created 24 projects. The winning team, Undutchly, created a white-labeled gamification system that makes it fun, exciting, and easy to pay restaurant bills for large groups. The U.S. Bank API portal and Mastercard developer zone received great reviews, and enthusiastic hackers went out into the community to interview small businesses about their needs to inform the creation of their projects.

External Hack: Masters of Code

The challenge:
The Masters of Code Hackathon series, in partnership with MasterCard, was designed to cover the globe and to engage with the very best coders through 12 in-person events (Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, San Francisco, Montreal, Istanbul, St. Louis, New York, and London).

What we did:
Utilizing MasterCard’s open APIs and the MasterPass API, AngelHack leveraged our community to create prototypes that demonstrate artful coding/design skills and articulate clear business use cases. Our program design also included the opportunity to give the winning regional teams a California experiential prize when we flew them out to enjoy San Francisco and the Napa Valley, with the additional experience to compete in the Grand Finale.

The results:
The event series attracted 1,336 developers, designers and entrepreneurs (~100 participants per event).

External Hack: IBM Q Awards

The challenge:
In Fall 2019, AngelHack partnered with IBM to host the IBM Q Awards, a virtual hackathon open to students, educators or developers. Hackers created 59 projects in 6 different award categories: Teach Me Quantum, Teach Me Qiskit, Game Award, IBM Q Best Paper, Teach Me Qiskit Video, Developer.

What we did:
Having worked with IBM on several occasions we developed a high impact strategy that leveraged email newsletters, social media, ads and developer outreach to engage the global developer community.

The results:
700+ registrants from 68 countries submitted 59 projects. We attracted participants primarily from India, USA, Germany, Taiwan, and UK. Top prize of $8K went to the project Open Quantum Systems with Qiskit, which used technologies Online Jupyter Book, Qiskit, Jupyter Notebooks.

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